Friday, September 1, 2017

Designer Of The Month

We are starting something NEW at CDO!!
'Designer Of The Month' (DOTM) where one of our scrap kit designers will be in the spotlight to give you guys 25% OFF their scrap kits for a whole month!

Their stand alone scrap kits, inspired by (IB) kits & cluster frames have already been marked down in the store so no code is needed & the price will drop when you go through to the checkout.
That's $1.50 for an IB kit, $2.63 for mini stand alone, $4.13 for a regular stand alone,$1.50 for a cluster frame  - awesome!! 
*Discounts are only applied to that designers categories, nowhere else in the store. 
This month's Designer Of The Month is....LADYHAWWK DESIGNS!!

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